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Why write these books?

"Newborn into Life with Christ" was written over 20 years ago as help to Born-Again Christians. It was written 10 years after my Born-Again experience in a teen encounter and was a witness of that conversion. It also was inspired by the Holy Spirit and I wanted to share the experiences I had after I matured in the Spirit. This book I published for God. I never had any ambition to write, nor did I consider myself a writer. The Holy Spirit kept nudging me until I gave in.

"Truth and Faith" The Holy Spirit was not done with me, however. I had many teachable moments and the Spirit continued to reveal truths through the bible and special "happenings" I began writing these down and had them on my computer for another 20 Years. Various truths that I learned along the way. I came to the point that I decided I did not die with these lessons but recorded them so others could benefit. Eventually, the Holy Spirit started nudging me to publish these writings as well. 

Truth And Faith is now Available

"Truth and Faith" and "Newborn into Life with Christ" are now available on this website and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. On this web site you can purchase the books cheaper and may request a signed copy.

Truth & Faith is in final stages of Publication

Truth and Faith is currently being reviewed for it's cover art. Once done we will be moving to printing. This book will be available in hard cover as well as soft and e-book versions. As requested I provide some Christian art and pictures in this book to break up the text. "I always remember the picures in context with the message." "Truth and Faith" is a compilation of may books into one. I hope you enjoy it.

Signed Copies of Newborn - where to buy retail

Right now my book is for sale directly from the author. I will sign any books sold from this site. Go to "Newborn" tab to learn more. "Newborn" will also be coming on sale from sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many Christian Booksellers by October 2020. 

Newborn into Life with Christ on sale soon!

"Newborn", was actually written 20 years ago. I was in my 30's and my experiences started as a teenager. I originally self-published the book as a gift to God. I promised not to make a profit from the book. While I had several people donate for the book, those donations were given away to my church, and to help a Men's Ministry get off the ground. I discovered a bad side to this choice. No money to reprint the book. So for 20 years, it remained dormant as I never had much money, and certainly not enough to publish it again. In the last 20 years, God had not left me alone and I decided to publish a new book "Truth & Faith" It was high risk for me but I did not want to disappoint God.

When I approached Christian Faith Publishing, I mentioned I had already self-published "Newborn" and they asked to see it. After a few months, they got back to me, excited and asking if they could publish it again? It was not my plan as It was risky enough for me to publish the second book. Well, someone who had read the book reached out and donated a great portion of the first book. I took it as God's stamp of approval. I always believed the first book was written by the Holy Spirit, and I know my second book was inspired too. So, trusting in God, I place the success of this book in his hands.

This time I am using a publisher who can distribute the book and provide an advertisement for it. I will take a portion of the book for profit but I will use the money to continue the publication of the book as well. It is my hope the first book will fund the second one and so on. I am getting older now and wish to pass on the knowledge that God has shared with me, and share it with you. I hope you enjoy the books and it brings you in a deeper relationship with God.



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