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How "Newborn" came to be.

     Gage Publishing first self published "Newborn into life with Christ" back in 2000. After printing 300 books I gave them away or asked for donations which I had used to help different churches to purchase things. I also used it to support a Men's Group at the parish I was attending. Since God pushed me to write this book, and the Holy Spirit inspired it, I did not feel I should have profited by the books sales. As my intentions were good, it guaranteed I would not republish.

     It was not till 2020 that while writing the book "Truth & Faith" that "Newborn into life with Christ" was re-discovered. While chatting with my publisher "Christian Faith Publishing" that I mentioned "Newborn" and they asked to see it. A few months later they excitedly ask if they could publish it first. I was reluctant, as I already was working on "Truth & Faith" and I did not have the funds to do both. Out of the blue, a past reader of my book offered to fund a large part of the publishing. I took it as a sign from God he wanted to have me do this. This time I am using a Christian publisher who has the capacity to sell my book worldwide.

     It is my hope that God is the winner, by allowing faith to be increased through the Holy Spirit's Guidance. I never considered myself a writer, I had to be nudged, to put the thoughts, lessons, and revelations of the Spirit to print. That is what Newborn is. The lifetime of experiencing the nudges of the Spirit of God, while revealing new things to me, expand my understanding of the truth we always had before us. I hope "Newborn" helps other deepen their faith, as it is found in the depths where the power of God is.


Author of "Newborn"

About Andrew W. P. Gage

Who am I? I am many things. My story begins in my teen years and an "Experience" with God. How a tough kid's life turned completely around. From drinking, pot, and trouble to prayer groups, bible studies, and the gifts from God. The "P" in my name is for Paul, as my experience with God was like getting knocked of my horse and my life changing completely around. You can read about it in my book as I include my witness in both books. I believe people need to understand where the information in the book came from. I have studied the Bible since 16 in depth. I am 57+ years now, that is over 40 years of study. God has been with me much of the time, he has given me gifts of knowledge. I have seen things that cannot be unseen. I have even experienced the other side, which I do not suggest for anyone. All I want is to get His message out there and help others deepen their faith. God Bless you All.